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6 Parts of a Home Frequently Damaged by Hail

6 Parts of a Home Frequently Damaged by Hail

In the U.S., hail sizes can vary greatly, with the average size falling somewhere between 1 and 2 inches in diameter. Hailstones of such size can fall at 25 to 40 mph, which can cause some significant property damage.

When people think of hail damage to their home, they usually only think of damage to their roof. But the truth is that if you’ve been hit with a hail storm, you likely have damage to other parts of your home, too.

To prevent that damage from getting worse over time, you need to know where to look for hail damage so you can get it fixed as soon as possible. Here are six parts of a home that frequently sustain hail damage.

1.   Roof

Colorado is no stranger to hailstorms. In fact, it’s one of the parts of the country that experiences the most hail throughout the year.

Obvious signs of hail damage to your roof include dented or broken shingles, but you should look at other parts of your roof, too. Hail can dent and damage the metal fixtures on your roof, as well as your gutters (more on that below).

If you see any of these signs of hail damage, you need to take action to protect your home and prevent the damage from getting worse.

2.   Siding

Never underestimate the power of the wind. That’s especially true during a hailstorm when wind-driven hail can cause serious damage to the sides of your house. With strong enough winds, hail can fall at steep angles—even sideways—and create tears and punctures in your vinyl siding. Left unattended, this sort of damage can lead to leaks in your walls, possibly damaging the structure of your home.

3.   Windows

If hail can create cracks and chips in your siding, imagine what it can do to your windows. Hail can cause your windows’ glass to shatter or break. It can break, dent, and tear screens as well as dent the flashing above the window frame.

Stay away from windows during a hailstorm to prevent injury from happening. If your windows experience hail damage, you should replace them right away. Contact a professional for home window repair and home window replacement.

4.   Paint

Think of hail like you’d think of a sandblaster that removes paint from cars: hailstones of all sizes flying at a high velocity will chip and break down the paint on the side of your house, your trim, and anything else in the path of destruction.

Fortunately, hail damage to your home’s paint is easy to spot, and it’s not usually as severe as hail damage to your roof, siding, or windows. However, it’s best to examine your home’s exterior, note any chipped paint that has exposed the underlying surface, and take care of it before water has a chance to seep in and add to your problems.

5.   Gutters

Gutters serve an essential role in keeping your home in good working order, but they’re sometimes overlooked when it comes to critical repairs and maintenance. We’re talking about the kind of attention that goes beyond your seasonal gutter cleaning.

Hail can cause heavy damage to your gutters and downspouts, cracking and denting them—especially at the seams where two gutter pieces meet. The good news is that you often don’t need to get on a ladder to inspect for hail damage to your gutters. You should be able to see dents and cracks in the paint and the protective coating of the gutters and downspouts from the ground.

6.   Solar Panels

If you have solar panels installed on your roof and hail is forecasted in your area, you can cover the panels with a protective sheet. If you have an adjustable mount for the solar panels, you may be able to tilt the angle. Luckily, solar panels are generally quite durable. So, in the event that your solar panels are damaged due to hail, they will most likely require minor repairs rather than a full replacement.

You may be able to identify solar panel damage from the ground, but your best bet is to have a professional perform an inspection and recommend any solar panel maintenance.

We’re Here for You

After a hail storm, J&K Roofing works to repair and improve the exterior of your home, including any damage to your roof, windows, siding, paint, gutters, and solar.

If your home has sustained hail damage, or if you’re in an area that has had hail, get in touch with us today for a free inspection.

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