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Does My Roof Have Storm Damage?

Does My Roof Have Storm Damage?

Storm season is here, and that means you should be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for your area, including powerful winds, hail, and water damage.

But sometimes, preparation and weatherproofing aren’t enough, and you have to deal with whatever storm damage occurs to your roof and home. To help, here’s a quick roofing inspection checklist for storm damage that can help you understand if what you’re seeing is storm damage or normal wear and tear.

Roofing Inspection Checklist for Storm Damage

Without pulling out a ladder and getting on your roof (for safety reasons), here’s what you can look for to know if you’ve sustained storm damage.

•      Visually inspect your roof.

Take a walk around your home and look for any damage to your roof like missing or cracked shingles. You may also notice black hit marks or dark spots on your shingles that are caused by hail. Be sure to take some pictures to document what you’re seeing.

•      Check your gutters, downspouts, and vents.

Look for dents and signs of hail damage. Check your downspouts and gutters for shingle granules, which indicate roofing damage. Detached or dented gutters and vents are also a sign that you have roof damage.

•      Inspect your windows, skylights and siding.

Look for obvious signs of damage to your windows and siding like cracks, torn screens, broken glass, and loose weather stripping. Check any skylights for leaks. Siding may show indents, holes, chipped paint, loose boards and warping or buckling.

•      Look for other signs of damage.

Fallen tree limbs, missing or damaged fence posts and patio furniture, etc. Also check any damage to fencing you have around your home. Look for dings or dents in any outdoor appliances, like air conditioning units or your grill. Check the inside of your home and attic for signs of leaks.

•      Check flat surfaces.

If your deck has signs of hail, it’s likely that your roof does, too. Check your patio and furniture for signs of storm damage.

•      Check your attic and ceiling.

Inside your home, take a look at your ceiling and note any damage that could be caused by leaking water. Be sure to look at your light fixtures, and note any condensation in your attic that may have been created by the storm or by poor ventilation.

•      Schedule a professional inspection.

The sooner the better, have a professional roofing contractor come out to your house for a thorough inspection. They’ll look over the items in this list and more, and they’ll provide you with the best instruction on what to do next — making your life easier if you need to file an insurance claim.

We Know Storm Damage

Be careful of roofing scams and storm chasers who take advantage of uninformed homeowners. Instead, schedule a professional inspection with an established, professional roofing company.

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