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How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer Hailstorms

How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer Hailstorms

Summer storm season is fast approaching, and that means hail is on its way. In Colorado, we’re no strangers to hail, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to forget about it all together. Hail season tends to last from mid-April through mid-September, with June usually seeing the most damage due to strong storms and hail.

There’s a lot that property owners should know about summer hail storms and what needs to be done for roof hail storm protection. Here’s a quick guide on preparing for hailstorms and damage prevention tips.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer Hailstorms

You never know when or where a strong summer storm might strike, but taking the right precautions now can be the difference between facing minor roof repairs or total roof replacement following a heavy storm.

1.    Have Your Roof Inspected

A professional roof inspection is your best starting point for making sure your roof is ready for storm season. In addition to getting roofing contractor expertise on preparing your roof for summer, you can also ask your contractor for suggestions on hail-resistant roofing options and weather-resistant roofing solutions that might better prepare you for upcoming storms. Click here to schedule a complimentary inspection that includes a current assessment of the condition of your roof.

2.    Take Care of Roofing Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Following a professional inspection, you may have some roofing maintenance and repairs that need attention. Your contractor will point out what needs to be done, including any leak issues and replacing broken or missing shingles, siding, or windows. Problems that seem minor right now, like a warped shingle, can make your roof vulnerable to other issues during a hail storm.

3.    Trim Trees

Hail isn’t the only falling item that can cause serious damage to your roof and other property. Be sure you inspect the trees around your home and trim any that might have loose or damaged limbs. Large limbs and debris can do more damage than you might think.

4.    Clean Your Gutters

Gutters play a critical role in keeping your home protected during a heavy summer storm, as they direct water away from your home and foundation. Keeping them free of any debris is good seasonal roofing maintenance. Follow appropriate roofing safety measures and safely clean out your gutters before storm season.

5.    Check Your Home Insurance Coverage

It’s a good idea to be familiar with your home insurance policy and how to file a claim. Having this information on hand will help you save time so you can get any roofing repairs taken care of before they turn into bigger problems.

It’s important to understand your home insurance policy, as some companies are changing their policies from Replacement Cost Value (RCV) to Actual Cash Value (ACV). It is important to know how your policy will pay any replacement cost. The replacement cost is the amount paid to replace property or personal belongings without any deduction for depreciation. The actual cash value is the replacement cost value minus depreciation, and is also called Depreciated Cash Value.

6.    Make a Plan for Your Property

When a storm is quickly approaching, you only have so much time to act before it hits. Put a plan in place for making sure your loose items outside are secured and won’t blow away during a storm. Bring your pets inside, and make sure your vehicle is protected in a garage or under a shelter.

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