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Local Roofer Near Me Finding the Best Denver-Based Roofer for You

Local Roofer Near Me: Finding the Best Denver-Based Roofer for You

Do you have a preferred roofing contractor to call whenever you need a roof inspection or help with a leak? For most homeowners, the answer is probably no, and that’s simply because you might not have had damage to your roof yet. With that said, you should have regular roof inspections performed, especially after strong Colorado storms.

When you need work done on your roof, where do you start when it comes to finding a roofing contractor who is up to the job?

An obvious starting point is searching online for “roofing contractors near me” or “roofing company near me.” This will return several local options. But figuring out which Denver-based roofing company is the best option for you and your project requires a bit more than Google as there are many roofing contractors in our area.

Steps Toward Finding the Best Denver-Based Roofer for Your Project

Follow these four best practices to ensure you hire the right roofing contractor for your project.

1.    Double Check That They’re Local

There are a lot of national and regional roofing companies that list their services online and leave pamphlets at your doorstep. But that doesn’t mean they’re local or they know how to handle your project.

Going with a local roofing company is essential for many reasons, including knowing that your contractor is experienced with Denver weather and the type of projects that are most common here.

Most importantly, you want to ensure your contractor is local to ensure they’re not a storm chaser running a roofing scam. Learn more about how to identify a roofing scam here.

2.    Make Sure They’re Locally Licensed & Bonded

It’s also important to know that your contractor follows legal requirements for operating in Colorado and has the right paperwork and permits. In Colorado, roofing contractors are categorized alongside general contractors and are not required to have a state license. They are, however, needed to carry a state business license.

All roofers should also be licensed and insured. You can check to make sure your roofing contractor is licensed and able to work in Colorado by checking the state website here. This is essential to finding the right local roofing contractor for your project, as it will help protect you from scams and low-quality work.

3.    Read Online Reviews

Any roofing company will try to get your business by telling you they’re the best in town, but you shouldn’t take their word for it. Get online and search for reviews of their work. What do their customers have to say about their experience working with them? How many reviews do they have?

If you can, talk to your neighbors and ask who they’ve worked with in the past and what their experience was like. Getting referrals is like getting a shortcut toward completing your project!

4.    Know What Questions to Ask

After you reach out to a roofing contractor about your project, meet with them in person to discuss it and ask them questions. This is your chance to get a feel for how they work and whether or not you can trust them.

And don’t worry if you’re unsure what to ask your roofing contractor—you can follow the questions in this guide to roofing repairs in Denver.

You’ll also want to ask them about their approach to roofing safety, their knowledge of roofing materials, and their general approach to completing a roofing project.

If you are filing an insurance claim for your damaged home due to a covered event, you have the privilege of choosing the roofing company that you have the most confidence in. Even if you get recommendations from various sources, you must research the companies. You do not have to go with the lowest bid. An inexpensive roof isn’t a bargain if you have problems, especially if your contractor is no longer around to honor the labor warranty.

Reputable roofing contractors earn a multitude of qualifications through product training and experience. Ask about their product certifications and qualifications.

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