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Multifamily Roofing 5 Things Property Managers Should Know About Hail Season

Multifamily Roofing: 5 Things Property Managers Should Know About Hail Season

Homeowners in Colorado know how damaging hail storms can be to property: they can pull up shingles, damage siding, cause leaks, and more. But multifamily buildings have unique needs when it comes to roofing.

In Colorado, multifamily buildings can be apartment complexes, condominiums, or triplexes. Multiple maintenance challenges come with owning and managing a multifamily complex. Due to the size and scale of problems that can occur, property managers cannot approach multifamily maintenance or storm damage in the same way you would approach maintaining single family homes. Issues with the roof in one area can quickly cause issues for multiple owners or renters.

Here are five things property managers should know about hail season.

1.   Maintaining Gutters Is a Must

Effective multi-family roofing systems can direct water away from the property to help prevent it from pooling and creating water damage beneath the surface. Property managers should look out for damaged gutters and downspouts and be aware of low spots where water tends to collect.

Hail storms can damage and break gutter systems, and as such, making sure they remain intact is an essential piece of multifamily roof maintenance.

2.   Watch for Surface Warping

It’s not uncommon for multifamily housing roofs to have shingles and flashing that appear in good condition, only for the subroof material to be damaged and in need of repair. Often, this damage shows itself as warping, raising, material separation, or bubbling on the surface. The speed and size of falling hail can create this type of damage, and it’s not always apparent to an untrained eye.

3.   Routine Maintenance and Inspections Can Save You on Repairs

Because hail damage can be hard to spot for those without roofing experience, multifamily property managers should ensure routine roofing inspections are factored into their yearly schedule to reduce long-term roofing costs across each property. We recommend two professional inspections by a trusted, experienced and detail-oriented multifamily roofing contractor each year. Doing so will help you save on repair costs and provide added peace of mind for those living in your building.

4.   Multifamily Roofing Inspections Are Necessary After Storms

Routine inspections aren’t the only type of inspection you should prioritize for effective multifamily roof maintenance. Multifamily roofs should also be inspected after heavy storms, including hail storms. A professional roofing contractor can look at your roof and often quickly identify what kind of damage—if any—has occurred.

There are a lot of benefits to having your roof inspected after a hail storm, including knowing whether you should reach out to your insurance company to file a claim for repair. If necessary, having routine inspection reports for all multi-family roofing projects can help you with the insurance claim process.

5.   Minimize Disruption to Residents

Perhaps the most important thing to know about hail damage to multi-family buildings is that any time you need an inspection performed or work done to repair or replace your roof, you run the risk of disrupting daily life for residents. But a routine inspection schedule and having an inspection performed after hail storms can offer your residents peace of mind that they’re in good hands. Scheduling routine inspections also allows you to notify residents of inspections as needed, so they’re not surprised to see contractors on the property or roof.

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