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Thank You From J&K Roofing

Thank You From J&K Roofing

A Letter to Our Clients: Thank You

Running a business is no easy task, especially when times grow tough amid economic uncertainty. But for us at J&K Roofing, our business—specifically, serving our customers—is what motivates us to keep going no matter the challenge.

That’s because we’re blessed to have gained the trust of our customers over the years. You’ve given us the opportunity to serve our community and build our expertise in the best way possible: by working together.

We’re Proud of Our Team

When you take pride in what you do it’s more than just a job. We take pride in our work – whether it’s roofing a home, repairing leaks, or cleaning up landscaping after a project. Our main goal is to deliver a great customer service experience. Completing a project and shaking hands with a satisfied client reaffirms why we’re in this business.

J&K Roofing was founded in 1984. Because of your support, we’ve grown to service residential, multifamily and commercial clients. We offer roofing, repairs, and exterior options including windows, siding, solar panels and solar shingles.

By working with J&K Roofing you are positively impacting many non-profits across our communities that are focused on safe housing and the needs of children. We look forward to annual projects with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to build beds for kids that don’t have a safe place to sleep, supporting Habitat for Humanity roofing projects, and providing gifts to children through the Toys for Tots program.

We Appreciate All of Our Customers

Serving our clients is what keeps us up late at night! We want to deliver the best products, services, and solutions–and have the process be smooth along the way. Thank you for allowing us to serve and support Colorado families and businesses throughout the Denver Metro, Front Range, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins areas. We value every relationship we make through various roofing and exterior projects and community initiatives, and we look forward to continuing this work in 2023 and beyond.

Finally, thank you for reading our blog! We will continue to write helpful information, tips and articles for homeowners, businesses, and anyone else who may be interested in our work or roofing and exterior related topics. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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