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File a Roofing Claim For Damage in 2021

Time Is Running Out To File a Roofing Claim For Damage in 2021

Colorado weather can be wild and cause major damage to your home and property. In 2021, there were at least five major storms that might have impacted your home, meaning you might have some damage to fix before the next round of storms roll in throughout 2022!

Of course, homeowner’s insurance is one way to cover the cost of repairing any damage, but there are two major factors you need to be aware of for that to happen:

  1. What kind of damage was caused by storms (and the location on your home or property)
  2. When the damage happened

The second factor is important because most insurance companies give you a limited amount of time from the date of damage to file a roofing insurance claim.

To help you get the process started so you can make sure your roof is ready to withstand another storm season, we have a list of significant storm dates in Colorado (see below). Plus, we’ve included some important information you need to know before filing a claim for residential roof repair.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

Typically, your insurance company will give you one year from the date of the storm that caused the damage to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. This is an industry standard, but you should check your homeowner’s insurance policy to be absolutely sure.

Fortunately, there’s still time to file a claim for the biggest storms of 2021, but time’s running out! Start the process now so you don’t get left covering the costs of a full roofing installation.

When Did Major Storms Occur in 2021?

Throughout the Denver Metro area, there were at least 5 significant storms in 2021 that may have caused damage to your roof.

2021 Wind Storms

  • December 15
  • December 30

2021 Hail Storms

  • June 13 (Denver)
  • August 19 (Arvada, Golden, Westminster, Parker, Strasburg, and surrounding areas)
  • September 3 (Highlands Ranch, Littleton, and surrounding areas)

What Do I Need to Do to File an Insurance Claim?

There are a number of steps to take to file a homeowner’s insurance claim for roof damage, but the first is to identify if you have damage, and then understand the scope of it.

Take time to look for damage to your roof and leaks inside your attic and home. Standing outside on the ground, can you see any visible roof damage? Clear signs of damage are things like missing shingles or creased/broken shingles. Hail damage can often appear as divots or indentations on your shingles, and sometimes shingle granules that find their way into your gutters can also indicate hail damage.

Here’s a helpful list of signs that your roof may have sustained storm damage.

??You will want to call a local roofing company to perform a professional inspection to and perform two important tasks:

1) Identify if you have damage,

2) Document your scope of damage before you file an insurance claim.

Whenever you have all the information you need in order, then it’s time to file your claim. They’ll send an adjuster out to review and verify the damage before authorizing the work. Regardless of your insurance, you can choose the roofing company that you would like to do your replacement or repair.

What About My Deductible?

You will be required to pay your insurance deductible before your homeowner’s insurance kicks in to cover the remaining costs. For example, if you have a $2,000 deductible, you will have to pay that to the insurance company before they cover the rest of the work. That’s true no matter how significant the damage or how large the estimate is for completing the installation or repair.

Be aware that Colorado law prevents a roofing company from paying, waiving, or rebating a homeowner’s insurance deductible. The reasoning is that this legally protects the homeowner from fraudulent roofing contractors and helps prevent insurance fraud.

Take Advantage of a Free Roof Inspection

If you’re unsure of what kind of damage your roof might have sustained during last year’s storms, it’s best to call in a professional for a roof inspection. Our J&K Roofing team is experienced in navigating the insurance claim process, and we’re experienced with Colorado weather—we know what to look for.

Remember: your roof is your home’s first line of defense against inclement weather—you can’t afford to let any damage go unnoticed! Get in touch with us today.

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