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What is a Roof Supplement and How Does it Help You?

What is a Roof Supplement and How Does it Help You?

Consider this hypothetical scenario: you know your roof has some damage from hail and fallen tree limbs after an intense storm. You contact your homeowner’s insurance company, and they send an adjuster out to take a look at your roof and approve your claim.

Adjusters aren’t roofers, and they usually don’t have the experience necessary to identify all damage and provide an accurate claim estimate. So, in this hypothetical situation, your adjuster approves a claim that is a couple thousand dollars short of the actual estimate for the work.

What happens next? How do you address this shortfall so you’re not on the hook for the outstanding amount?

You’ll need a roof supplement. This article will detail what a roof supplement is, how to know if you need one, and what else goes into this essential piece of the roofing process.

What is a roofing supplement?

A roofing supplement is a standard piece of a homeowner’s insurance claim, and more often than not, they’re expected. For example, an adjuster might not account for the correct amount of shingles needed to repair or replace your roof, or maybe they overlook other essential elements like your roof flashing or roofing underlayment.

Your roofing contractor will inspect your roof and provide an estimate to repair any damage. That estimate—including any additional materials or labor necessary to complete your project—gets sent to your insurance company, which may send the adjuster out again to ensure the repairs are covered.

What causes a roofing supplement?

Supplements are somewhat expected for a reason we can all understand: we’re human, and mistakes happen! Adjusters don’t always get it right; sometimes, a project requires more material or labor than expected.

Other reasons you might have a roofing supplement include unforeseen code updates or permits, or maybe your roofing contractor discovers additional damage once the project begins. For example, they might pull back your shingles and find damage to metal flashing, or your roof deck may need to be reinforced to accept the new shingles or roofing material.

The bottom line is that a roofing supplement isn’t a bad thing; it’s necessary to repair your roof properly.

How do I know if I need a roofing supplement?

Both your insurance adjuster and your roofing contractor should walk you through the damage they see and the required repairs. If you’re aware of any other damage that hasn’t been addressed—like broken gutters or windows, or damaged siding—you’ll likely need a supplement.

Since most homeowners aren’t expertly trained to look for damage, you’re at the mercy of your roofing contractor. That’s why it’s so important to vet your roofing company properly; you need to work with a company you can trust.

What will my roofing contractor do to supplement my roofing claim?

Your roofing contractor is your partner in getting your home back in good shape. They will provide an accurate scope of work, including pictures of the damage, a copy of code requirements that might impact the estimate, and anything else your adjuster asks for to approve your insurance claim.

How can I help make my claim go more smoothly?

You can do a few things to speed up your claim process and make it go more smoothly.

For starters, take a look for yourself! Make a list of the damage you see from the ground and document it with photos to show your adjuster and roofing contractor.

You can also ask your roofing contractor to be present when the adjuster is performing their inspection. That way, they can chat and make sure everything has been addressed.

And don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions! Doing so can save you time and prevent unnecessary back-and-forth before your claim is approved.

Choose a Roofing Contractor With Supplement Experience

Go with a roofing company that has experience with roofing supplements. They will know how to get your claim approved for the full amount needed to complete your project.

J&K Roofing has a project management team and a supplement team. We supplement as soon as possible, utilize software for exact measurements, know what kind of pictures and videos will best support your claim, and will compile all of the documentation required to complete your claim.

Get in touch with us today by completing this form or calling 303-425-7531.

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