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Why Fall Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof

Why Fall Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof

Despite how durable and reliable your roofing materials are, the time will come when you need a complete roof replacement. After summer storms and high temperatures, and before winter snow and ice, autumn provides great temperatures for roof installation. You can get a good idea of your roof’s health by scheduling routine inspections, especially after hail storms.

When it comes time to start planning for your roof replacement you should know how different seasons affect your roof, the importance of regular roof inspections, and your good, better, best options for the best time to replace your roof.

1.   Best Time for a Roof Replacement: Fall

Fall is the best time to have your roof replaced. This is primarily due to the ideal autumn weather conditions in Colorado. With cooler temperatures and fewer storms compared to other parts of the year, your roofing materials have a chance to set properly before cooler temperatures roll in. At the same time, your roofer will be able to work better when it’s not excessively hot. Plus, the days are still long enough for contractors to work, meaning the entire duration of your project is shorter.

Another reason to take care of roof replacement in the fall is that once winter storms begin, water and moisture will find its way into any existing small holes, creating leaks and other issues. Add to that the weight of heavy snowfall or the danger of ice dams and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Having your roof replaced in the fall can also save on heating bills and keep your family cozy in winter. If your HVAC system is located in the attic, a new roof will help your system operate at peak effectiveness.

The only drawback to fall roof replacement is how busy the season can be. Since this season is highly sought after, finding appointment times in the fall can become tedious, so it is best to plan ahead and reach out to a local contractor to check their availability for a roof replacement near you in order to beat the rush.

2.   Good Time for a Roof Replacement: Spring

Replacing your roof during the spring, if and when temperatures begin warming up, is a good choice for many homeowners. The temperatures are not as extreme as either winter or summer, making roof replacement a great spring-cleaning milestone to complete.

Roofing damage caused during the colder months is often discovered during this time of year. It’s also when we advise you to schedule a routine roof inspection to ensure that your roof didn’t sustain any damage from heavy snowfall or winter storms. A roof inspection will make sure your roof is prepped and ready for spring and summer hail storms and that you don’t have any issues like broken shingles or sections with loose roofing nails.

Any quality roofing company should be able to adapt to spring weather changes, but it can be a busy time of year, so schedule early to get your roof replaced on time.

3.   Decent Time for a Roof Replacement: Summer

Summer is a busy time of year for roofing contractors, but it can be ideal for some homeowners who are open to roofers getting started early in the morning before temperatures rise.

The main drawbacks to having your roof replaced during summertime are what you’d expect: high temperatures mean shorter days for workers. Roofing is already a dangerous profession, and adding extreme heat can make it even more treacherous for contractors. Additionally, when rain or hail storms are passing through, there’s high demand for roof repairs and roof replacements.

4.   Okay Time for a Roof Replacement: Winter

Winter is a tricky time of year. Winter might seem like an odd time to replace your roof, and it can be a challenge for several reasons, like cold weather and snowfall. However, Colorado is known to get decent, sunny days throughout the wintertime.

This time of year can be great for many homeowners since it is usually a slower time for many roofing companies. This can create greater flexibility for appointment scheduling. However, depending on the weather, cold and freezing temperatures and snow can interrupt roof replacement projects or prevent sealants from setting. Extremely low temperatures can also cause roofing materials to become more susceptible to cracking.

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

With these pros and cons in mind for each season, the best time to replace your roof is before larger issues arise or become a bigger inconvenience for you, when you are available to meet with your local roofing company, and the experience of your roofing contractor.

J&K Roofing is an experienced roofing contractor. No matter the time of year—if you need a roof repair for replacement roof tiles or a total roof replacement—we’ve got you covered. We professionally handle your insurance claims and provide competitive financing options for out-of-pocket funded projects. We know Colorado weather and are ready to take on your project in the Denver Metro, Front Range, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Northern Colorado areas.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your project! Call 303-425-7531 to adapt spring weather changes and get your roof replaced on time.

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