Upgrading Your Home: Exploring Energy-Efficient Options for Windows in Denver

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Upgrading Your Home: Exploring Energy-Efficient Options for Windows in Denver

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In a climate like Colorado that can see temperature swings of 50+ degrees—in a single day—making your home energy efficient is a top priority. In addition to ensuring your house is properly insulated and ventilated and any drafts are sealed, home window upgrades are a common and effective way to improve your energy efficiency.

You may not know where to start when it comes to window solutions in Denver and beyond, but this article should help.

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

Improving a home’s energy efficiency is one of the top reasons homeowners choose to replace or update their old windows. Energy-efficient windows are designed to help a home be more comfortable, by maintaining a consistent temperature that either blocks heat from getting in or from escaping through your windows. The window frame material and the glass are what determines the level of efficiency. 

How to Know You Need Window Replacement

It’s not always easy to spot a lack of energy efficiency in your home. You might have moved into your house and never seen a huge fluctuation in your energy consumption, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make energy-efficient home upgrades to save some money and energy.

In addition to high energy bills, the most obvious signs of that you might need new windows are from damage, particularly storm damage:

  • Cracks or damaged window panes or frames
  • Can’t open or close windows
  • Condensation between panes of glass
  • Water leaks around your windows when it rains
  • Can hear outside noise when your windows are closed
  • Ripped or damaged screens


Window Replacement Benefits

Greater energy efficiency isn’t the only reason you should explore new windows for your home. Other benefits of upgrading to your windows include:

  • Improves your home’s curb appeal
  • Increases your home’s value
  • Provides greater functionality and ventilation
  • Maximizes natural light in your home
  • Protects you from storms
  • Reduces noise
  • Reduces dust and allergens in your home
  • And more!

Selecting the Best Energy-Efficient Windows in Denver

There are a lot of options available for home window upgrades, but not all have the same energy efficiency. To get a basic understanding of Denver window replacement, as well as energy-saving window options throughout Colorado, keep reading.

Choose the Right Type of Window

Choosing the right type of windows is one of the most important ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The look of your home might determine what kind of windows you want to have installed. But you should also consider functionality, location, and ease of installation. Be sure to look for an ENERGY STAR rating, as it signifies high energy efficiency, often attributed to features like Low-E coatings and a favorable U-Factor. 

Opt for Double-Pane over Single-Pane

For superior energy efficiency prioritize double-pane windows. These windows excel in maintaining indoor comfort due to their insulated glass, called Low-E Glass, which consists of two panes separated by an insulating gas. This design significantly reduces heat transfer, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer while also helping to lower your energy bills.

Consider Material Options

We get a lot of strong hailstorms and high winds in Colorado, so be sure to go with a durable material for your new windows. Typically, you’re safe with options like fiberglass and vinyl. Additionally, these materials often incorporate Low-E coatings and have favorable U-Factors, further enhancing their energy efficiency.

Evaluate Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

In Colorado’s varying climate, it’s wise to assess the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of your chosen windows. A lower SHGC value is beneficial, as it reduces the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass, helping to mitigate unwanted heat gain during hot summers. This can lead to more comfortable living spaces and decreased cooling costs.

Hire a Professional for Window Installation

Window installation shouldn’t be done by just anyone. Make sure you hire a professional to complete the job right the first time, and beware of window and roofing scammers that are ready to take your money. Make sure you understand the value of any window discounts or offers.

Take Care of Window Maintenance and Repairs

Your new windows can last for a long time, often between 15 and 30 years. But how long they last depends entirely on how you treat them, including handling seasonal maintenance and necessary repairs. Contact a qualified, local roofing contractor for help with these tasks.

Contact Our Window Installation Experts

If you suspect you’re due for replacement windows in the Denver metro, Front Range, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins areas—or you just aren’t sure—get in touch with our team at J&K Roofing. J&K Roofing can order and professionally install ENERGY STAR qualified windows. We’ve been replacing windows, siding, and roofs for decades, and our team is knowledgeable and experienced. Call 303-425-7531 or click here to talk with a specialist. We’re ready to help!

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The Advantages of Double-Paned Windows: Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction

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The Advantages of Double-Paned Windows: Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction

     The Advantages of Double-Paned Windows: Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction

The windows in your home do more than just let light in and give you a view of the outside world. They play an important role in home ventilation, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and general security. Plus, they can increase your home value by improving its curb appeal!

Of course, there are important caveats you must consider when it comes to replacing the windows on your home, including their age, condition, installation, and the style. One tried and true style is the double-paned window, which is made up of two panes of glass with a space inbetween. Read on to learn more about this popular and reliable type of window.

The Energy Efficiency of Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows have two panes of glass, within the frame instead of just one pane of glass. A special gas, typically argon, fills the gap or space between the two panes. The whole point of this gas is to improve insulation.

One compelling benefit of double-pane windows is that they’re effective at preventing the buildup of condensation between the panes, which can make it difficult to regulate the temperature of your home. These windows help to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature, in both the winter and the summer.

A top benefit of double-pane windows is the superior insulation that they provide. The two panes of glass are effective at preventing air from getting in or outside of your home. When double-paned windows are installed properly, you shouldn’t have any doubts or concerns about air escaping or drafts. These two panes, combined with the special gas between them, makes double-pane windows incredibly energy-efficient. According to Energy Star, you could achieve up to 12% in energy saving per year by upgrading to double-pane windows.

Some harsh climates may call for triple-pane windows, but here in Colorado, you’re probably good with the standard double-pane option.

How Double-Paned Windows Reduce Noise

Two panes of glass and well-sealed windows mean that noise has to penetrate two layers to get outside or inside your home. You can consider the space between the glass panes as a sort of noise trap that helps keep your house quiet. Assuming your double-pane windows are installed and sealed correctly, you shouldn’t have any issue with loud noises bothering you while you’re inside. Combined with new siding, double-pane windows will keep your house nice and quiet.

Having two glass panes can also go a long way in making you feel more safe and secure at home. That’s partially because of their noise-reducing properties, but also because two panes are harder to break than just one, be it from a hail storm or intruder.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Double-Paned Windows?

Double-paned windows are energy-efficient, help reduce noise, and they’re also very durable, which might lead you to wonder if they come with any disadvantages. There aren’t many disadvantages of double-pane windows, but here are some considerations.

  • Trapped heat: the space between panes of glass can trap heat in warmer months, but this can be reduced with window tinting.
  • Replace, not repair: depending on the damage you might sustain from a strong Colorado storm, you may be forced to replace your windows rather than repair them. That said, there are benefits of replacing your windows.
  • Cost: double-pane windows cost between $300-$900. The price varies based on materials and brand selected.

With all of that said, double-paned windows are certainly worth the investment, as they can last around 20 years when installed and maintained properly. Overall, with their ease of maintenance and a longer lifespan, double-paned windows are an investment that can increase the value of your home.

Double-Paned Windows or Double-Pane Windows?

If you’re wondering about which term to use, double-paned or double-pane, both are actually correct ways to refer to windows that have two panes of glass. The term double glazed is also sometimes used to refer to double-paned windows.

Ask Us Your Window Questions

If you’re due for new windows, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at J&K Roofing for help. We have the experience and knowledge needed to complete any window or roofing job, and we’ll make sure your job is done right.

Get in touch with us to talk about your window needs. 303-425-7531

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How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with New Windows

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How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with New Windows

How to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal with New Windows

Springtime is a perfect time to replace the windows on your home. Not only will it help with energy efficiency during the warmer months ahead, but new windows will also increase your home’s curb appeal.

You have more options than you think when it comes to new windows. You might choose a particular style based purely on aesthetics, material, color, size, maintenance, ease of installation, privacy and security, or simply whatever falls within your budget. The point is that replacing your windows doesn’t merely boost your home’s energy efficiency; it also helps you increase your home value and keep up with any neighborhood standard that may be in place.

How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With New Windows

Your home’s windows are important for everything from energy efficiency to privacy and safety. But they also contribute greatly to the aesthetics and efficiency of your home. Here’s how upgrading them can improve your home’s curb appeal.

Complement Your Home’s Character With a New Style

New windows on your home offer a terrific opportunity to freshen up the total look of your house. You’d be amazed at how simply updating your windows can transform the look of your home. You can choose from numerous colors, styles, materials, and types of windows to find the perfect fit to complement your home’s architecture and character. Every little change makes an impact.

New Windows Bring New Functionality

Whether you’re going with a new style of window or simply upgrading to a newer version of your existing windows, you’ll benefit from greater functionality. Old windows can be difficult to open or close, so a new set of windows will make your life so much easier. Not to mention the advancements in window technology…a new style might even be easier to clean from the inside and the outside!

Replacement Windows Can Add Curb Appeal On A Budget

Whether you’re selling your home or staying in it, you’re looking to invest in a few key areas while getting the biggest bang for your buck. Window replacement is one of the top home improvement items that provides the largest return on your investment. Replacing your home’s windows increases not only your curb appeal but also your property value. They also provide increased energy efficiency–and lower your energy bill.

Let More Natural Light Into Your Home

One of the best benefits of new windows is how they impact the interior of your home in addition to the exterior. New windows can allow more natural light into your home, which can help with visibility, improving your mood, productivity, and even your sleep! Natural light also makes your home feel more approachable from the outside, which helps boost its curb appeal.

Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

With all of the wind and hail storms we get in Colorado, you must have confidence that your windows can endure strong weather conditions without leaking. No matter what style you choose, new windows are durable and (when installed properly by a professional) are better able to keep your family safe and your home looking nice when Mother Nature decides to throw her worst.

Updated Windows Help You Maintain Neighborhood Standards

New windows on your home can be a good thing for your neighborhood, as well. In particular, if you’re part of a homeowner’s association, you’re expected to maintain your house to whatever standards are set in your agreement. Simply put: getting new windows might help you maintain neighborhood standards and avoid paying any fees for dilapidated windows!

Let a Professional Handle Your New Windows

Getting new windows for your home should be exciting. Getting professional help from a trusted, local contractor can make it both exciting and simple!

J&K Roofing is your local contractor with almost 40 years of experience completing projects like new windows, roofing, and siding throughout the Northern Colorado, Denver Metro, Front Range, and Colorado Springs areas. We have experienced installers and the experience needed to complete your job, so give us a call today! Get in touch with us here or by calling 303-425-7531.

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

5 Unexpected Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

You may not realize it, but your windows are one of the most important features of your home. They are one of the first things people notice when they walk by your house, and beyond that, they play a huge role in how efficiently your home operates.

Appearance and efficiency aren’t the only benefits of replacement windows—there are many other advantages that come with upgrading your windows. Here are five unexpected benefits of replacing your windows.

1.   Helps With Noise

Window technology has come a long way in the last few decades. For example, the standard for residential windows used to feature a single pane of glass, which meant that there was just a thin layer of glass between the inside and outside of your home. As a result, you could feel how hot or cold it was outside simply by touching your window. Similarly, you could hear virtually any noise outside because of this single pane of glass.

Newer double-pane windows feature multiple panes of glass to help reduce the amount of noise that can penetrate your home. Select new windows are even filled with a clear, dense Argon gas that acts as an additional layer of insulation.

2.   Easier to Maintain

A classic sign that you need new windows is if they’re difficult to open, close, and clean. Old windows are often made of wood, which requires proper attention and cleaning to keep them functioning properly. If you don’t take care of your old windows, you might have to deal with mold or mildew growing on the wood.

Updated windows are made from non-porous materials like aluminum or vinyl, which are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, some new windows are very easy to clean because they tilt in toward you. This saves you from having to climb a ladder to reach second-story windows for seasonal cleaning!

3.   Improved Security

Your windows play a part in keeping your home secure from the elements—and thieves. Older windows often become difficult to open and close, sometimes as the result of storm damage and other times due to wear and tear. If you’re unable to properly close your windows and lock them, you might be worried about the security of your belongings and your family. If this describes you, it’s time to get in touch with window replacement specialists.

New windows offer added peace of mind because they will open and lock securely. You won’t have to worry about them providing easy access to your home.

4.   Reduces Dust and Allergens

Seasonal allergies can be intense in Colorado, which is why properly functioning windows are important to help keep you from sneezing and coughing all day while you’re inside your house.

Replacing old windows with new ones will help keep allergens outside because new windows have better seals. Some window options even incorporate blinds between the panes of glass, which helps reduce the buildup of dust and allergens that might trigger an allergic reaction.

5.   Improves Home Value

A major benefit of getting new windows is the window replacement energy savings, which helps improve the value of your home. Older windows can have significant air leaks, which makes climate control more difficult—and expensive.

If you notice a draft near any of your windows, it’s time to consider Colorado window replacement services.

We’re Ready to Help

If you’ve been putting off replacing your windows, now is the time to get things rolling. But you can’t trust the project to just any window installers in Denver—you need an expert team that is experienced and ready to take on your Denver window replacement and installation project.

Get in touch with us at J&K Roofing today to schedule a window consultation. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to get your job done properly and according to your expectations. We can also order roof windows and provide roof window installation. Give us a call at 303-425-7531.

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